Design Philosophy

I believe that architecture is another form of art, but in this form we are creating art as experience. Processing and analyzing the current state of a context in a broad sense drives the discovery of inspirational components that can give direction to the project and experiential elements. Utilizing diagrammatical thinking to create concepts into reality, then these concepts begin to inform spatial experiences, needs and arrangements.

Architecture is about the essence of conceptualizing space through contextual understanding. This contextual understanding is a driver for the process of creation. Creating space so that we are not avoiding the human mind. Spaces that begin to speak to the subconscious on a deeper level then strictly programmatically. Using this symphony of form to allow for the suggestions of emotion, thought and subconscious reaction.

This is not to say that architecture is purely sculptural. Program is the reason for architecture to exist, but not the sole purpose. Program becomes part of the contextual consideration. Conceptualizing the relationship of assigned typology and other inspiring context to inform a strong opus of forms that evoke activity of the human mind.

Human perception generates specific emotions, provokes thoughts and subconscious reactions.  To play with the human mind through the creation of structure gives form, light, material and space a distinct meaning. Taking the mind to a different place through the relationship of space and form. Designing with intent, intent to create space that connects with the human perception, cultural identity and with regards to craft that can be experienced through generations.



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