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Cool Transformable space!

Awesome! but not quite what I am trying to do…


I Think I Changed my topic….


Name: Torrey Hager

Research Project Name: Moducation/ Modular Modification


PART ONE: Preliminary Introduction—50pts

 Preliminary Abstract:

Subject Sentence (What is the essence of what you want to talk about?):

To create spaces that can provide variation of functionality and form. These spaces are to enhance the education and program through the use of small modular units that can be augmented to fit the user and program.


Rationale Sentence (Why is what you want to talk about important?):

The current state of educational spaces lacks pliability and inspiration.


Literature Review Objectives:

Points of additional, sometime peripheral, knowledge that you need to fully understand your subject area. For example, if you want to know how someone interprets visual sights you need to understand how images transmit from the eye, through the optic nerve and to the brain. Your research goals must be:


Reflective of the words you use in the Subject and Rational sentences. Begin with an action verb, and Be answered through the review of literature (the connections should be obvious):


1. Inspirational spaces for education

2. Small modular units

3. Pliable architecture

4. Variation of function and form

5. Current state of educational spaces

6. Enhancement to educational program