Statement of the Problem.

With time and the introduction of new technologies the human means of communication and interaction have changed. The human population has grown but we have continued to disconnect ourselves from one another, our surroundings and most importantly ourselves. Our environment has slowly become consumed by under designed buildings, cheap solutions and advertisements. The distractions of our society have caused us to lose the valuable connections with art, culture, place, and people.

Critical Position.

This is idea of communication has lost its meaning and there is a need for our society to develop these connections once more. We have to begin to push ourselves into uncomfortable situations so that we can begin to learn things we never anticipated. We begin to grow as people when boundaries are pushed and connections are made.

Technology has provided us with vast opportunities of communication, however the introduction of technology and fabrication has also hindered our direct connection with the very things we come in contact with on a day to day bases. Utilizing this innovation of new means of communication and pairing it with the primitive ways give us the opportunity to reconnect while staying current. The marriage of the two vernaculars can be implemented in communication techniques, crafts and educational opportunities to provide us with a better sense of connection.

A place where these things can begin to exist is what many cities are lacking. We have created places that are cluttered with distractions and our experiences have become full of diversions. We need a place or places to reconnect with the people around us, the places that we inhabit and the very person that we are.


The introduction of these connections happens on several different levels of comfort. Providing places where people can begin to say or do things that they would not usually do based on the environment that they are in. Creating a places that can accommodate the complexity of the human mind. A series of places that begin to allow for people to take a moment and reconnect with the very things that they have lost a connection with. Composition of from that can create a unique experience. Utilizing the current technology and implementing classics compositions of form, light and void to create these types if spaces. A place where people can communicate with one another, to learn about new things and create unexpected relationships.


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